A Lesson in Sarcasm

from by Oak Valley Drive



We were the ghosts of a far away town
We are the ones you never talked to, but you want to talk to now
Just the youth, hey we’ll figure it out
Just give it some time, just give it some time
The crowd swallowed all the police
Like the water when the levee broke inside new orleans
Took the kids, yeah they’re down on their knees
Just give it some time, just give it some time
It’s our turn now
We didn’t make the mess
But we’ll clean it somehow.
A generation at fault
No matter what we do
We do nothing at all
We do nothing at all.
We don’t need you.
We’ll hold this against you.
Try not to argue.
So hear me out
You could leave this world
And leave nothing to talk about
A world turned to rust
And ruined in the rain
But you’re not to blame
Of course you’re not to blame.
We don’t want to
And we don’t need to
There’s nothing to do


from Don't Call Me Bryan, released December 11, 2016



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